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Author: Selena Sage

Published: 2019

ebook pages: 90

ebook file size: 1.5 MB


Get Free is a guide to achieve freedom in all aspects of your life. The 7 simple steps in the book will help you determine what you want, and the exercises will assist you with letting go of all that may be keeping you stuck.


Sage also shares brief stories from her own experience, and thereby illustrates how she was able to walk away from a lucrative corporate career and move to a remote island in Africa.


Get Free is practical and straightforward, and it simplifies the process of making major life changes. In its openness, Get Free helps you to see that everything you want is available to you.


The 7 Steps explored in the book are as follows:

Step 1: Question Your Thoughts
Step 2: Know That You Are Not Your Story
Step 3: Move Past Doubt
Step 4: Let Go
Step 5: Get Your Finances In Order
Step 6: Health Matters
Step 7: Remember What Makes You Happy


These steps apply to any life change that you are considering, and Get Free will provide you with a gentle nudge to go for it!


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