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Author: Selena Sage

Published: 2015

ebook pages: 73 (two page spread: color + question)

ebook file size: 5.5 MB

Meditative Questions: Zen+Tao Inspired
was written by author Selena Sage during her travels around Asia. One question is included per every two pages (paired with a color), and each question is thought-provoking and inspires meditative reflection.


The page of color preceding each question provides a full sensory experience and pulls the reader into the moment. Meditative Questions can be used individually or it can be used to facilitate group discussion.


This edition makes an excellent gift for friends and family of all ages. It is especially helpful for anyone who may be experiencing stress or uncertainty in their life. Practitioners of yoga and meditation will especially appreciate this beautiful book, but it is just as accessible to those who are unfamiliar with Zen and Taoist philosophies.


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